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IPS Konsult was established in 2002 with its base in Värnamo, within one of the most entrepreneurial regions (Gnosjöregionen), in Sweden.

IPS Konsult offers consultation services on international procurement, procurement management, source hunting and outsourcing. Our main objective is to support Scandinavian companies in providing strategic procurement solutions and strengthen the competence level in procurement areas in order to increase their competitiveness in the international market place.

IPS Konsult has established co-operations with various manufacturing companies in low cost countries such as manufacturing of plastic injection moulds, plastic injection moulding, metal working, sewing, wood working and assembly services.

We are capable to handle individual development projects from concept stage to delivery of complete products as well as consultation in overall procurement, management and organization issues.

IPS Konsult provides seminars and education courses based on practical experience and know-how.  We custom made courses tailored to your company’s needs.

Our approach is practical, pro-active and customer oriented. We customize every mission or project to individual customer’s needs and design it for results and customers’ satisfaction.

Our Services

We offer services in the following areas:

• Management
• Procurement and outsourcing
• Representation
• Competence and education
Our Resources

IPS Konsult has over 20 years of international exposure and business experience in Asia as well as in Europe. We have established network of competent and experienced manufacturers, logistic partners and legal advisors.